Motorbike Accidents

Bikers are special!

Motorbike accidents happen.

Motorbike accidents are common. Bikers take a risk every time they ride. They are often perceived as reckless by other road users who fail to understand motorbikes and the way that they must be ridden in order to stay safe. Motorbikes get wiped out by the careless actions of other drivers who have simply not anticipated the presence of a motorcycle.

When a motorcyclist is involved in a road traffic accident the implications are a lot worse for them. A motorcycle has no crumple zones and provides little protection for the rider. The bikers injuries are often more severe and often include significant lower limb injuries.

Due to the bias against bikers and the severe injures they suffer it is vital to instruct a solicitor who understands bikers, the law and are experienced in dealing with motorcycle accidents. Our fully qualified solicitor who specialises in motorbike accidents is David Walkinshaw. You can read about his qualifications here. Follow this link to read about one of his recent motorbike accident claims where he recovered £100,000.00 for our client.

FREE CONSULTATION for all bikers without any obligation to instruct us. No Win – Now Fee – No risk. In the event your claim is unsuccessful we won’t charge you any legal fees. The process is risk free. Please call David our expert motorbike solicitor on 01484 518356, email or Whatsapp. We are specialist motorcycle accident solicitors.

Motorbike Accidents – How We Can Help?

We deal with claims for both bikers and pillion passengers. We know the specific needs of bikers and the steps needed to resolve their claims

As legal experts we are able to gather the correct evidence needed to ensure that your case is successful.

We will also arrange for you to be examined by a specialist doctor who will fully evaluate your injuries and advise upon the best rehabilitation treatment for your injury to enable you to recover fully and quickly.

Our expert solicitor fully understands the financial losses incurred by bikers. Your are entitled to claim for the repair or replacement of your damaged bike, helmet and clothing together with other items such as loss of earnings. The assistance of our expert ensures that all possible items are claimed, correctly supported evidence We will help you review all the losses you’ve suffered and put together a case that gets you money back for them.

Uniquely qualified to assist with motorbike accidents.

David Walkinshaw is a motorbike accident solicitor. If you have been injured in an accident whilst biking you will benefit from instructing a solicitor who understands your case. You can discuss your claim with him for free and without obligation. You can call him on 01484 518356, email or complete our contact form. If you are local to Huddersfield, you can call into our town centre office.