Motorbike compensation claim

A £100,000 Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim

We recently completed a successful motorbike accident compensation claim and secured our client a £100,000 payout. Here’s the story:

A successful Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim

What happened to our client?

Our client was riding his motorbike along a suburban road on which there were cars parked on both sides. As our client was riding, a car driver pulled out from the left directly into his path. As a result, our client had no choice other than to swerve right. The result was that he collided with a parked car and suffered a really serious shoulder injury.

What happened next?

The defendant and his insurers denied the claim and stated that the motorbike rider has simply lost control of his vehicle without any fault of the motorist.

Initially, our client instructed another firm of solicitors to handle his claim. The case reached a point where the defendant and his insurers offered a £10,000 payout.

HW Solicitors were Instructed to make a Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim

Following the initial £10,000 offer, our client consulted us and we took over the case. We advised our client to reject the £10,000 offer, which we felt was nowhere near sufficient to compensate for the severity of injuries our client suffered.

A  £100,000 Payout

As the newly appointed solicitors, we began gathering further evidence to prove our client’s claim. The result was that the defendant and his insurers eventually offered a £100,000 settlement, which our client accepted.

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