Claims Involving Children

With HW Solicitors children receive 100% of their damages

Injured child

If your child is injured in an accident, just like an adult, they are entitled to pursue a claim for compensation. We are happy to act upon their behalf via a No win No fee agreement.

When the case is successful many Law Firms are now charging 30% of the child’s compensation plus VAT (which equates to 36%) as part of the No win No fee agreement.

We do not think that it is appropriate to deduct money from a child’s compensation and commit to ensuring that all our child clients receive 100% of the damages they are awarded.

Many Law Firms also require the child to purchase an expensive insurance policy to cover legal costs and expenses. The insurance premium is deducted from the child’s compensation. We do not think that this is fair and levy no such charges.

We do not make any deductions from compensation awarded to children.

If your child has been injured in an accident and you want to make sure that they are awarded the maximum compensation and get to keep all of it. Contact us today to discuss your child’s claim.