Accident on Holiday Claims

Being involved in an accident on holiday abroad can be a stressful experience. And depending on the severity of the injuries sustained, the effects of that accident can impact you long after your holiday has ended. We look forward to our holidays all year round and incurring an injury through someone else’s negligence doesn’t just ruin your break – it can have a long term effect. 

Since we’ve been in business (2003) we’ve carried out thousands of successful compensation claims, including for those who were injured in an accident on holiday. We act as solicitors for people looking to make compensation claims for injuries or illness on holiday regularly and we understand the complexities.

Accidents on holiday can include:

  • A slip, trip or fall in a hotel
  • An accident on a tour
  • An accident while travelling to your destination

As independent solicitors, we act for you to ensure you get the compensation you’re entitled to after an accident that wasn’t your fault.

No Win, No Fee Compensation Claims for Accidents on Holiday

We work under a conditional agreement, often referred to as a “no win, no fee,” agreement. That means that if you don’t win your case, you won’t pay a penny.

Accidents on Holiday Claims Solicitors

Claiming for an accident that happened overseas might seem daunting. But we specialise in making things simple for our clients regardless of where their accident took place.

We don’t deal in middle men and we don’t have a team of unqualified assistants doing the hard work! In fact, at every single step of the way during your accident on holiday compensation claim, you will deal directly with one of our team of qualified solicitors.

What next?

Give us a call or complete our online form. Even if you’re not sure whether you may be entitled to compensation following an accident on holiday abroad, we’d love to chat, find out more about what happened and can offer you advice about your next steps. Get in touch today.