million compensation claim injured pedestrian

A £1.65 million compensation claim for an injured pedestrian

A million pound compensation claim success for a severely injured pedestrian.

The pedestrian was run over by a car. He was severely injured. His claim was rejected by an insurance company and they offered nothing. He has now received £1.65 Million.

What happened to the injured pedestrian?

As he was crossing the road the pedestrian was hit by a car. He was thrown across the front of the vehicle and landed on the car windscreen. He was taken to hospital by ambulance. He sustained multiple injuries including a brain injury, serious leg injury, teeth damage and scarring. He was in hospital f0r 12 weeks. He has been left with a permanent brain injury. He requires considerable care, assistance and rehabilitation to manage his day to day life. He has been left with a significant disability.

The insurance company refused the compensation claim.

The injured person instructed our specialist serious injury solicitor, David Walkinshaw. He contacted the driver’s insurance company in an attempt to arrange the required medical assistance. The Insurance company denied responsibility for the accident. They blamed our client for his own misfortune. They refused to provide assistance nor make any offers of settlement.

How did HW Solicitors ensure the compensation claim succeeded?

Our specialist solicitor has dealt with a considerable number of cases involving injuries of the upmost severity. David is aware of the importance of obtaining contemporaneous witness evidence. A detailed accident reconstruction report from a specialist in the field was also obtained. This was sufficient evidence to convince the insurance company to resolve liability. This avoided a lengthy trial and saved our severely injured client and his family from the difficulty of attending.

A Million pound compensation claim success for a severely injured pedestrian.

HW Solicitors arranged for the client to be examined by Consultant Doctors who are specialists in their fields. These included an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Neurologist, Psychiatrist, NeuroPsychiatrist, Maxillofacial Surgeon and an Consultant in Respiratory medicine. We also arranged for an extensive Care and Rehabilitation report. This ensured that our client’s needs were provided for in the future.

Our Specialist Solicitor collated the extensive evidence in support of our client’s case. Numerous settlement meetings then took place. Ultimately, the £1.65 million settlement was obtained for our client. This will ensure that he will be looked after and cared for the rest of his life.

A million pound compensation claim success for a severely injured pedestrian.

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