Cycling Accidents Compensation Claims


Cycling Accident Claims

It is believed that over 5 million people in the UK cycle 3 times or more each week, whether for fun commuting or just to keep fit. In 2014, 21,287 of those were injured in a cycling accident – including over 3,000 who were seriously injured and over 100 who were killed.

Those figures are not the full story either. Those are just the accidents reported to police and it is suspected that many others go unreported.

Cycling Accidents

Cycling accidents can range in severity from minor injuries through to life changing or even fatal injuries. Based on statistics from 2014, we know that 65% of cyclists in accidents suffer injuries to their limbs and 40% suffer (often more serious) injuries to the head.

Whatever the severity of your injury, if you have been involved in a cycling accident that is not your fault, we could help you to claim the compensation that you deserve.

Perhaps you were injured as the result of a driver in another vehicle not obeying the rules of the road. Or perhaps you were injured as the result of poor quality roads or potholes.

Whatever the cause of your cycling accident, we want to help.

Why Us for Cycling Accident Compensation Claims?

We are experts in cycling accident compensation claims. We’ve dealt with hundreds of bike accidents and have successfully claimed compensation for countless clients.

More to the point, we are qualified solicitors. At HW Solicitors, we don’t believe in middle men or unqualified staff doing the donkey work. At every single step of the way in your compensation claim, you will be dealing with a qualified solicitor.

If you claim for your cycling accident injuries through us, you’ll deal with the same people on day one as you will on the day that we complete your claim. We won’t pass you around or pass you on to other companies.

We work on what is commonly known as a “no win no fee,” basis, so if we do not successfully claim compensation for your cycling accident, you won’t pay a penny.

What Next?

If you’d like to speak to us about claiming for your cycling accident, you can either:

  • Complete the enquiry form right here on our website
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  • Pop in to our office. We have an office in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. So if you do live in the local area and would prefer a face to face chat, pop in.

Whichever way you prefer, get in touch with us today and let us help you to claim the compensation you’re entitled to.

Our Cycling Accident Claim Case Studies

£11,556 Compensation for a Cyclist

Our client was cycling along a main road approaching a traffic light controlled junction. The road narrowed on approach to the junction and a central reservation was present as a traffic calming measure. The defendant, a motorist, tried to overtake the client as he passed through this section of road. As he did so, he collided with the cyclist and knocked him off his bike. The cyclist (our client) sustained injuries to his shoulder, back and leg.

Our client said that he used a hand signal and had started to move over to undertake a right turn. The defendant claimed that he had given the client a wide berth and that the client simply rode into the side of his car. The defendant and his insurer denied responsibility all the way to a trial.

We were able to establish, on behalf of the cyclist, that he indeed did provide a hand signal. Furthermore, we were able to established that he had commenced his move across the lane before the motorist tried to overtake and that he could not have physically given the client the wide berth he claimed to have done. Furthermore, we highlighted that the Highway Code prohibits the defendant from trying to overtake when he did.

This cycling accident compensation claim went all the way to court, where the judge found in favour of the client and awarded him £11,556.00.

This was a cycling accident that clearly was not our client’s fault and we were thrilled to win the compensation our client deserved.