Construction Site Accident Claims


Working in construction is amongst Britain’s most dangerous jobs. Over 2012-13, a huge 39 builders were killed at work, mostly as the result of falling from a height.

And every single day up and down the country, builders suffer injuries while on the construction site. These injuries vary in severity and the impact they have on a builder’s life and ability to work.

Those who work in construction rely on being physically fit. Injuries sustained at work can often mean builders are unable to work for extended periods of time, resulting in a loss of earnings and potentially some real financial difficulties.

Construction accident compensation claims

At HW Solicitors, we’ve got a great record in helping people injured on construction sites to claim compensation.

That’s because we genuinely care about our clients and because we, as two qualified solicitors, deal directly with every single one of the claimants we handle. We don’t use assistants or middle men and we don’t have unqualified staff doing the leg work for us.

We handle each and every aspect of your construction accident compensation claim personally.